Spam Poem

NaPoWiMo - Day 26 - As for today’s prompt, well, Tooth For Truth has reminded me of the fervent and wonderful world of spam-poems. All those horrible emails you get asking whether you would be interested in the enlargement of various parts of your body? Well, they are primordial lingual soups, just waiting for you to extract a carbon here, an adjective there, and create poems.

Dear Sisters in Christ,

Mrs. Sussan Rodaine and Mrs. Rose Manase,
I am in receipt of your personal e-mails
and I send my condolences
upon the deaths of your respective and reputable husbands,
your recent diagnoses of terminal illnesses,
and for your dilemmas regarding
the large sums of money you have on deposit in the
reputable banks referred to in your correspondence.
I must however respectfully decline further contact with you
and the possibility of gaining unimaginable wealth because
as stated in your e-mail
The Bible made us to understand that
blessed is the hand that giveth”.
I wish also to be a giving hand.
This is to inform you that by separate e-mail, on the same day
I received your correspondence, I also received
and email that Ivanka Trump Has A Baby Bump
I am attaching that e-mail to this correspondence
and encourage you to contact Mrs. Trump
in the belief that she will be most benefited
by your generous offers.

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