Day 22 - 30 Poems in 30 Days

Today’s prompt was to write a children’s poem – Since today was busy I gave it a quick try - I followed (sort-of) the nursery rhyme format and came up with this:


There once was a girl, there once was a boy
And each one has a brand new toy.

He didn’t want his, she didn’t want hers,
She’d rather have his, he’d rather have hers.

But they both were too stingy to figure it out
They argued and tussled and began to shout.

They quarreled and crumbled and started to fight
Then Momma walked and set things right.

She picked up both toys as quick as a wink
And then they were gone in one quick blink.

Now here is the girl and here is the boy
And neither of them has even one toy.

For Momma said fighting, you must not do
For it only results in both of you blue.

So come now my children and follow this rule,
You must not fight, you must never be cruel.