Jack Kerouac Was Here

NaPoWiMo prompt for day 13:  The five minute poem. Get a kitchen timer, or use your watch, whatever. You are NOT ALLOWED to spend more than five minutes on this poem.  This poem came from a flyer I have saved.

Jack Kerouac Was Here!

Buzzing into town
stumbling round
some lines of smoky haze
then Bob Dylan trailed behind
always showing first
the words to take us home.
Oh, youth
rebellion of peace
and promise
and daisies.
Jack Kerouac was here
but I was somewhere else
lost in a book
not yet knowing booze
or smoke,
lost in the mountains
sounding everywhere
Jack Kerouac was here
and where was I?
Searching Tennyson,
Lightfoot, Chapin, Whitman?
where I might be
when I might be
what I might be?
if Jack Kerouac was here!