Solstice Poem - This poem came from an Exquisite Corpse exercise.

Mid-Winter Solstice

Sanctified as the golden child,
the dawn-walker rises
from her balsam bed,
strolls the waning dark,
as a winter sky gathers every molecule
of memory into the shimmering universe.
Gaia sings her lullaby,
we draw ourselves toward
moving promises of light
and whisper something ancient,
more than sacred.
Salutations in a language
of frankincense and pine,
psalms hidden in the stone bones
of mother’s long and languid embrace.
We orbit round the sound and celebrate,
let this solstice night sustain us.

The Place of Forgetting

The Place of Forgetting

Name me what you wish,
healer, crone, wise one,
elder, shaman, recluse, druid,
sorcerer, charmer, witch,
it matters not.

My body carries chant, incant, enchant.
Orpheus taught me poetry and song
communication and communion
far beyond mortal being.
Animate and inanimate all respond.

Call it what you will,
root cellar, cupboard, pantry,
they store apples, walnuts, parsnips,
bulbs of garlic, root of burdock,
blackberry, ginseng, sassafras,
seeds of mugwort, milk thistle, mustard.

Bundles of sage, yellow root,
yarrow, devil’s claw and dandelion
hang from hand-hewn rafters,
gathered when the moon and signs were right.
For all of these you will return
when black wings spread.

I have been here always.
Watched as you lost the language
of tree, grass, soil, animal,
insect, sea and wind.  Still my
left hand holds fast to sacred space.

October carries the last leaf down,
earth embraces, blesses
that which you do not.
I place the elementals
and your ignorance
into the oubliette of time and wait.

New poem (first draft)

Singing From The Earth

This is the last place my mother
asks me to take her.
She is ninety years of age.
We pass through the water logged field,
the tall grass pasture and climb
the rutted pathway up.

Here is the country cemetery – few gravestones,
only flat standing rocks,
etched by long gone hands.
Here is the grave of her mother,
beside her father
and next to their youngest child.

Mother tells me she always wanted
to place a lamb monument here,
to remember the little sister she
does not remember.  The one she
could have mentored – could have led to Christ
the way her Sister Merle did for her.

Merle died young in childbirth
is buried somewhere in a California
grave my mother will never see.
This is the last stop on the cemetery circuit today
her last call with sisters, brothers, family,
a lifetime of memories singing from the earth.