Day 14 - 30 Poems in 30 Days

Twenty Questions That…

Are you going to wear THAT?
How soon will you quit college and get a job?
Why did your husband change jobs AGAIN?
Is your son still listening to that devil music?
What makes you think YOU have a chance?
Can you really afford those gaudy boots?
Why don’t you call more often?
Did you go to church today?
Is your daughter still seeing THAT boy?
Why can’t I eat that candy bar?
When are you going to slow down?
Why don’t you take better care of yourself?
Why did she throw it away – it wasn’t THAT spoiled?
Why don’t you turn off that squalling music?
Why do you think THAT prize is a big deal?
Why do you wear your hair like THAT?
Who picked THIS restaurant?
Why did you waste your money on a card for me?
Why don’t you ever talk about your father?
How soon are you coming back to visit?